Reiki is a spiritual healing art with its roots in the Japanese origin and may be used by any person of any belief system. "Rei" means Universal or Spiritual Wisdom & "Ki" means Life Force. Together, "Reiki" is the Universal Life Force Energy that is the essence that gives vitality to form. It's the primary activating energy of life. 

Throughout our daily routines, we deplete our personal life force energy due to factors like disease, stress, physical ailments and emotional trauma. Overtime, these factors can compromise our immune systems, which may lead to further mental and physical "dis-ease". The normal ways to replenish this life force energy include sleep, meditation, yoga, exercise, etc. however, these do not always completely restore our life force to its optimal level. Reiki healing is a solution. It's a way to replenish and restore the universal life force energy that has been depleted by all of the stressors in our lives, thus allowing you to strengthen your immune system. Reiki "moves" or shifts blocked energy pathways in the body, charges us with positive energy and raises the vibratory level of the energy field in and around the physical body. This energy which flows through the practitioner and into the patient through light touch, clears, straightens, aligns and heals the energy pathways, allowing the life force to flow in a a healthy and natural way and thus bringing our bodies back into balance. The practitioner acts as a conduit or an antenna for the energy which flows through the practitioner into the patient in a powerful yet soothing, concentrated form. 

Benefits of Reiki: Pain relief for both acute and chronic conditions, relaxation, inner peace, emotional balance, stress relief, strengthening the immune system, easing symptoms and causes of illness, providing mental clarity, supporting spiritual growth, intensifying intuitive abilities, healing holistically.

Reiki can never do harm. It's a noninvasive, solely positive form of natural healing on all levels: spiritual, mental, physical and emotional.

Reiki provides instant transformation out of the usual patterns of disregulation. Reiki puts you back in a healing mode.
— Michael Gnatt, M.D.