What to expect / your reiki session


In – Person Session:

  • The client arrives, and we briefly discuss the intake form (previously filled out and emailed in) and answer any questions or concerns.

  • We will set an intention for the session. Your session will be unique and customized to your healing goals.

  • The client lies on the massage table on his/her back, fully clothed, shoes removed, with an eye pillow placed gently over the eyes for ultimate relaxation. We will begin with some breathing exercises, sound bowls & meditations to slow the mind and body.

  • Meredith will begin the energy healing by placing her hands lightly on the client in a series of positions, starting with the head area (eyes, temples, crown, chest/heart, rib cage/solar plexus, upper abdomen, lower abdomen, pelvis/hips)

  • Clients tend to drift into a deep state of meditation and relaxation during the session.

  • Once finished with the front-body positions, the client will be gently asked to turn over and lie facing downward on his/her stomach on the massage table with his/her head in the face cradle.

  • Meredith will continue with the remaining hand positions on the back (shoulders, upper back, middle & lower back, tailbone)

  • At the end of the session, she will gently bring your awareness back to the room, do a check in and discuss any observations, visions, thoughts or questions felt during and after the session.

  • Meredith will do a Crystal Oracle Card reading and discuss results.


Distance Session:

  • The Client and Reiki practitioner, Meredith, will chat briefly on the phone, when scheduling, and set a specific date and time for the distance session as well as a time for a phone call after the session has concluded. Meredith will also send the client intake form via email and answer any questions or concerns while also explaining the Reiki distance process.

  • At that scheduled Reiki day/time, the client is encouraged to lie down or sit in a comfortable, quiet and relaxing space. Lighting candles, essential oils, playing soothing music is encouraged.

  • The Reiki session will take place as Meredith sends the healing energy from her location covering all hand positions that occur in an in-person session. Clearing and balancing the same positions and chakras.

  • Once the session is over, Meredith will text the client to signal that the session has finished.

  • Meredith will pull a Crystal Oracle Card for the client and text over a brief description of the card pulled.

  • The client and practitioner, Meredith, will then determine a time to connect via phone, text, email, etc. to check in and discuss any observations, visions, thoughts or questions felt during and after the session, and the client will receive a write up on the Crystal Oracle Card that was chosen.